An image of the Humber River Hospital stock room of all PPE that was donated from various sources

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

“Hi Shiny Bud team:

You helped us when we needed you the most. Words will never be enough to express our gratitude or describe how thankful we are for your support and generosity during COVID-19.

Your donation of Personal Protective Equipment has helped our heroes on the frontline of COVID-19 and you’ve helped keep them equipped and ready to combat what lies ahead.  We are forever grateful for your support and are extremely humbled to have donors like you by our side. 

Janelle and her colleagues from the COVID-19 Assessment Centre want to share a quick message of how grateful they are for your support.”

Most of us grew up idolizing superheroes in the stories we were raised with. From Superman to Wonder Woman and Batman, we all had dreams of flying, wielding great powers, and saving the day. Aside from their unique powers and origin stories, they also shared another similarity: they all wore capes.

So, what IS a hero? Heroes are people who risk their own safety to protect others. A hero is selfless in the face of any form of hardship or adversity. And do they need to wear a cape? No, but it adds to the effect. 

COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, is a respiratory disease that has unexpectedly hit the world—including Canada—and turned our lives upside down. This pandemic is unlike anything anyone has experienced, making it almost impossible to prepare for, and even scarier to recover from.

But our frontline workers have stepped up, working tirelessly every day to ensure Canadians are safe, secure, and attended to. 

To us, those are the qualities of a hero. They’ve just swapped capes out for gowns.

Recently, we were proudly able to donate a thousand PPE masks to Toronto’s Humber River Hospital, one of Toronto’s newest hospitals and largest acute care facilities. Superheroes also occasionally need protection and help, and we wanted to make sure our frontline workers knew we have their back. 

This note is dedicated to our frontline workers: thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, fighting the invisible enemy, and ensuring we can be at home, safely, with our loved ones.

(image c/o Humber River Hospital: An image of the Humber River Hospital stock room of all PPE that was donated from various sources)

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